Past Meetings

Our MCAI-NJ meetings are social gatherings for talking, networking and learning.

They have covered a wide range of topics with guest speakers and location visits.

Recent meetings included:

  • John McCormick, sound recordist on “Rescue Me” and “Unforgettable” talked about tricks to recording live sound and the intricacies of TV sound production.
  • Member David Landau talked about his work as the Director of Photography on the kick-starter financed indie feature film “Stray” along with the film’s first AD, Maggie Kaszuba.
  • Beth Bellone talked to us about how to use Linkedin to help brand and promote yourself in the social media market place.
  • Tiffen Filters and Lowell lighting came and demonstrated their newest LED lights and digital filtration effects programs.
  • We visited Night Stand Studios in Northern NJ and had a wonderful group discussion on has the dropping costs of video cameras and software hurt those of us who work in this business professionally.
  • Member “Uncle” Roy Yolkoson talked about his work as a post production sound mixer, post sound recording and how to do it better on your own.

Past meeting highlights:

  • May 2014 – We had a Joint meeting with NJ Creatives all about Social Media Marketing for Success
  • March 2014 – Steve Cunningham talked to us about Search Engine Optimization & Online Security
  • February 2014 – Ryan Kelly, Creative Director, Sean Nejman, Production Manager and Chris Schuster, Event Coordinaror at Verizon Video talked to us about the State of Corporate Video
  • November 2013 – We visited the Studios of NJTV at Montclair State
  • October 2013 – Lona Whitmarch, Ed.D., helped us deal with Difficult Customers
  • April 2013 – Tony Pattine, Script Supervisor on the hit TV show “Persons of Interest” and many other TV series and feature films, joined us to talk about his work, the demands of TV series production and the Scriptee continuity software he developed.
  • March 2013 – we visited TriStar Media for a great tour of their studios and learned about the infomercial business.
  • Oct 2012 – Fandom of the Opera, with Emmy award winning video engineer Mark Schubin about broadcasting the Met live worldwide and the contributions Opera has made in history and our lives.
  • Sept 2012 – Guenter from Arri brought in and demonstrated the new Arri Alex camera and talked about the future of digital cinematography.
  • April 2012 – a visit to Apple for a review of the new Final Cut X software
  • March 2012 – Canon Camera brought in their new C300 digital cinema camera and talked about how Canon is approaching the new needs within the video capture market.
  • Nov 2011 – Co-author of the Copyright, Permission and Libel Handbook, Steve. Schechter Esq. gave us a “primer” on copyrights, fair use, what is copyrightable and what isn’t.
  • April 2011 – More than 60 minutes: A Conversation with CBS Cameraman Raymond Bribiesca
  • March 2011- A visit to Panasonic for demos of their new 3-D camcorder and 4/3s chip camera
  • Feb 2011 – Working the Room! Make The Most Out Of Your Next Networking Event
  • Sept 2010 – The Reality of Reality TV Behind the Scenes of “Project Runway” with gaffer (and member) David Landau and sound recordist John Murphy



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MCA-I NJ meetings are generally held the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
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